What Workshop Attendees Are Saying

"Craig spoke on brainstorming at our Nashville IIBA chapter event, he did a great job and the group was very engaged. His material was organized and the exercises were well received."

Jon Puncochar, Parallon Business Services

“As a public speaker, Craig is able to draw in his audience using clarity, transparency, and relatable anecdotes. He can naturally adjust the level of his address so that it is well-received by professionals, friends, family, adults or children."

Sue Evans, Asurion

"Craig presents a detailed and nuanced understanding of the brainstorming process. I always thought of brainstorming as throwing a bunch of spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. After hearing Craig talk I understand that it's more about throwing the right spaghetti against the right wall and then tweaking the way you throw it until the right idea sticks. Truly an eye opening presentation."

Terry Lancaster, Bestselling Author of "BETTER! Self-Help for the Rest of US"

"Craig is one of the most compelling, passionate, intriguing speaker I have seen in years. I leave his presentations with "nuggets" of information I can use in every day life. He is skilled at engaging and motivating audiences and is a great to work with."

Kay Pfeiffer, Health Care Sales Executive