Is your Brainstorming more like Braindrizzling?

Is your brainstorming getting the results you want? Do you find the most common problem you brainstorm is how to stop having brainstorming meetings? My name is Craig Paxson and I'm The IdeasĀ Coach. I have developed a new model of brainstorming called the Creativity Cube. This revolutionary model will turbo-charge your innovationĀ and Unleash Your Team's Creativity! If you'd like to know more, watch the videos below. These videos present the two most important principles behind Better Brainstorming.

I offer training and facilitation services - contact me for more information.

Craig Paxson

The Ideas Coach

Brainstorm.Coach Services

  • Challenges and Constraints

    In this one-hour workshop (perfect for lunch and learn or breakout sessions), participants will learn why normal brainstorming doesn’t work, how to create good challenges and use several creativity tools.

    This is an interactive workshop – participants will learn through use of the tools in The Creativity Cube.

    Download Workshop Onesheet

  • The Creativity Cube

    In this four-hour workshop, participants will learn about and use all six sides of The Creativity Cube. After leaving, they will understand how to craft Challenges, the role of Constraints in brainstorming, how to get the most out of their team and use a number of creativity tools.

    This is a workshop and the challenges can be customized to your organization. Expect to leave with dozens of good ideas!

    Download Workshop Onesheet

  • Facilitation

    I can facilitate brainstorming sessions as well. As a facilitator, I will help you craft your Challenges, determine your Constraints and Criteria, prepare your team and facilitate the brainstorming session. When complete, you will receive a complete report of all challenges and ideas generated.