How I Help

We start with a one hour Strategy Session. During this hour, we will discuss your business processes, determine if I am a good fit to help you and next steps. We may even solve a few problems!

We will then use the steps in Process Innovation Framework - determine objectives (reduce cost, increase speed, etc.), assemble a team, map the process and use the Innovation Matrix to find and implement solutions.

My objectives are two-fold - first, to help you improve our targeted process, but secondly, and most importantly, to teach you the steps, tools and techniques so you can effectively implement process improvements in the future.

What Do You Need?

  • A desire for change.  Your desire to change the process and generate new outcomes must be greater than your desire for the status quo.
  • Willingness to try new things, ideas and methods of operation.
  • Process knowledge.  You must understand your process, its customers and the value it creates.
  • Team Commitment.  You must be able to create commitment among your team, customers and stakeholders.

Schedule a Strategy Session today!

Schedule a Strategy Session

Schedule a 1 hour strategy session with me, at no cost to you. During this session we will look at your processes, determine if I am the right fit, and we might even solve a few problems!